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Greetings and well met!

My name is Spiney and this is my website. There are several possibilities how you have come to this beautiful place: either you are

  1. a fellow Dragon who is wondering what I am like in Real LifeTM --or--
  2. a friend  who is nice enough to check out another of those useless homepages 'cause I asked him/her to --or--
  3. someone who had made a big typo in his/her favorite search engine ;-)

So the things you may search for are also different, therefore here's a little help to navigate in these dark caverns:

My Personal Homepage: See what I am like in Real LifeTM and as an Ultima Dragon

My Ultima Page: For those who do not know what Ultima is or want to know more about it

My Ultima Dragons Page: Information about the Ultima Dragons and where they can be found on the net

In any case: Welcome! Stay as long as you like and feel free to contact me by email, especially if some of the links are broken so that I can fix them ASAP.


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