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Latest news and updates:

Update 10/14/98:

After watching 'Blade Runner' again last week and since I finished watching 'Thelma & Louise' few minutes ago, I added Ripley Scott to my fav directors on my personal page ... (How could I forget about him?)


News 09/21/98:

Whooooohoooo! The new Weyrmount is up and running, and it's prospering! A magical spell system is currently under production and all of the Dragons are building intensely. So, if you're a Dragon: take a look!

Personally I will start working again on the 23rd, this time for a bicycle messenger service. I have to, since I bought me -- A NEW CAR :-) (If anyone didn't know that till now, please send me an email, cause then I'll need to improve my news propagation system ;-)


Update 09/21/98:

Ok, the new site (after the change of my Dragon name) is up. I was to lazy to create a new title pic, so this is the result :-)


  • this section (I don't know if it'll become necessary)
  • pic for the personal page on the startpage
  • links to the new Weyrmount on the UDIC page
  • an very interesting explanation to the personal page why Spinebreaker is called Spiney now ;-)


  • the title pic up above
  • some of the thumbnails for the Ultima games

Things to do:

  • get a nice scanned version of a Martian Dreams box (or scan it and be able to Gamma-correct it right :-)
  • improve and add the flat sightseeing thingy
  • put some nice pics up


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