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The Ultima Dragons

The Ultima Dragons are a group of people from all around the world who love Ultima, which is one of the best role-playing epics available for a computer/console. Some Dragons would even say it's the best ;-). It's a club, so there's a thing to do to gain entrance: you have to play (not win!) at least one Ultima. That ain't a hard thing to do, so if you would like to join, then take a little time and play one of those great games!

Currently we have over 10000 members (check the members list) and we still grow! The club was founded on Prodigy (some kind of Bulletin Board style thingy) and then moved to the Internet, therefore it is called Ultima Dragons-Internet Chapter. If you like more information about the Ultima Dragons history then the place to go is the UDIC-FAQ, if you do not like to read that much there's also a Mini-FAQ available.


Where can Dragons be found?

First of all there is the rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons-Newsgroup (aka rgcud), but dragons can be found in the other branches of the rec.games.computer.ultima.* hierarchy as well. Be prepared for some weird habits of some of the dragons, like to splut each other with virtual pies (especially newbies seem to be the perfect target for some dragons), to talk Gargish or to invite each other to a cinnabon or two. There are many different subjects discussed in rgcud, Ultima-related and not. If you look for hints then .series is the place to go. For further info on the newsgroups take a look at the rgcu*-FAQ made by Erratic Dragon.

Then there is the Weyrmount MOO (MUD Object Oriented), which is  a great place to have fun and meet fellow dragons. Also you have the possibility to build and create your own rooms and objects, to get yourself a virtual home with all comfort. The only thing needed to access the 'Mount is a Telnet-Client or -even better- a MUD-Client. I myself have discovered the MOO some time ago, and this is the likeliest place where you will find me. For further information take a look at Underworld's Weyrmount FAQ.

News: Due to a hacked server the 'Mount is currently offline, but a new Weyrmount seem to be under production (thanks to WizTraveller, Mono, Dawnfire, Nameless, etc.)

Latest News: The new Weyrmount (aka Weyrmount 2) is up and running at moo.weyrmount.org:8000.

Also you may find Dragons while playing Ultima Online, but since I never played it ('cause it's to expensive here in Austria, 'cause there is no European server, 'cause it has to many bugs, 'cause there are to many playerkillers and cheaters, ...) I can't tell you any more details.

Other Ultima Dragons Websites

If you're in search for some information about the Dragons and their homepages take a look at The Ring of Dragons. It's a webring of sites with Ultima, the Dragons or RPGs as subject. If you still want more or are in search of a specific Dragon's homepage go to Minstrel Dragon's homepage list, there you'll find them alphabetically sorted.

And now a short recommendation list:

Erraticus' Homepage: a great place for information about Ultima and the Dragons, it's also the home of the Dragon Press, a collection of Ultima fan fiction.

Amaterasu's New Page 2: although the title may sound a bit weird, the site is also a very interesting place to visit. Especially if you want to get in contact with someone who speaks Hungarian. ;-)

Incoherent's the Silicon Avatar homepage: a site dedicated to one of my favorite games, System Shock. Incoh is also one of the makers of the Pulp Palindrome, take a look and enjoy.

Micro Dragon's Home Page: this one of the best webpages I've ever seen, in the files section you will find many goodies, like the Ultima theme for Windows 95, documentation for the Ultima I-VI collection etc. It's worth a visit!

Sith Dragon's Ultima: Ascension Site: the best source for information about the upcoming Ultima: Ascension.

Underworld Dragon's Notable Ultima: the best place to go if you collect Ultima games, but it also provides information about the timeline of the Ultima games and even has transcripts of the games conversations and a library of the books found in the games.


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